Published on: May 15th, 2019 | Category: Student News

How Will Brexit Affect Corporate Travel?

Following the recent extension of the Brexit deadline, there has been doubt looming as to whether or not the event will even happen. With the labour party and even those in the conservative party pushing a vote of no confidence towards the Prime Minister, all signs are pointing towards yet another referendum. The recent events have then led to a number of businesses questioning what will come of their ability to travel and trade with Europe freely.

Within this article, we are going to look at some of the ways that Brexit will affect corporate business travel.


One of the main ways that Brexit is currently affecting business travel is through the increased uncertainty. Not only are there fewer people travelling to Europe because of this current political unrest but the ties between us and Europe in terms of trade are being to show signs of breaking. Although the exact effects in travel and international trade are yet to be discovered, this political unrest is causing a vast amount of apprehension between individuals and businesses alike.

Freedom of Movement

Another effect that Brexit could have on corporate travel is the restrictions on the freedom of movement. Although nothing is set in stone, all UK citizens may be expected to pay £6 for a travel visa following Britain’s swift exit from the European Union. Although this may not seem like much for someone travelling on holiday, this is an added expense for a business, particularly if an individual is travelling to several countries all in one trip. This could lead major companies operating out of the UK to relocate to a more central European location to avoid these extra expenses.

Additional Costs

These additional costs may soon adds up when calculating expenses and is yet another element of paperwork that needs to be organised before travel. This £6.29 price is for a 3-year visa and is for an individual to travel. Although the direct prices surrounding this visa for business travel remains uncertain, there are set to be several changes made to the way that business can travel as this will help to promote stronger trade links as a result. However, the recent movement of the Brexit deadline has created further tensions for businesses as many are unaware of whether Brexit will even go ahead due there being talks from the labour party of a second referendum.

Roaming Charges

Roaming charges can also be another downside of the Brexit process is that roaming charges may come into effect. As it stands UK citizens travelling to Europe do not have to pay roaming charges when in Europe and can use their phones online for free. This is crucial to a business as a number of businessmen and women use their mobile phones to make calls as well as schedule out meetings and reply to emails. If roaming charges do come into effect, this could end up costing a business more money as they will have to reimburse those who are travelling.

Whether you are looking to travel for work in the near future or after the Brexit deadline, it is important to be aware of any regulations or documentation that you may need as this could give you limitations in the long term.  For more information on how your relocation could be affected and to get a free online quote, contact us online, today.