The ongoing situation with Covid 19 may cause shipments to South Africa to be delayed. While imports into South Africa have resumed, the country experienced a lengthy lockdown period so there is a large backlog of shipments. Expect long delays when sending items into South Africa.


You (i.e. The person that is booking the shipment) must be in South Africa beforeyour shipment arrives as you are required to clear your goods through customs in person. It is very important to coordinate the date of your shipment with your travel plans to South Africa. You must not consign your belongings to a third party.

If you are making a booking on behalf of someone else, make sure that the shipment is booked under the name of the person to whom the items belong.

When your belongings arrive at their destination, you will be required to produce your original passport as well as a copy of your permanent residence form (or temporary residence permit) and a South African ID card or visa / work permit. You’ll also fill out a number of South African Customs Forms, which will be supplied to you at the destination.

You must upload a copy of your passport details page to your customer portal, aswell as proof of arrival into South Africa, (i.e. passport stamp, flight booking confirmation, copy of boarding pass).


If you are moving to South Africa as a new resident, you are entitled to duty free entry for personal effects (items that have been in your possession for at least six months).

If you are a South African citizen returning to South Africa, having been out of the country for a continuous period of at least 6 months, you are also entitled to duty free entry. An exit stamp and ZA ID number will be required to prove your entitlement to duty free entry.

All shipments of personal items must be accompanied by a detailed inventory list. This must be a detailed, itemised list. South African Customs will not accept general terms on inventory such as ‘household effects’ or ‘kitchen items’. All items need to be itemised in a comprehensive list so it is clear exactly what is being shipped.

Shipments can be sent as a deceased estate / inheritance but there are stricter requirements for South Africa than with other countries and a special application must be made to customs. You must also be able to provide a copy of the relevant death certificate, a copy of the will or a copy of probate from the court. There must also be a supporting declaration from a certified lawyer confirming that the goods are your rightful property. These items must be accompanied by the aforementioned proof that you are a permanent resident of South Africa and a declaration that you are the beneficiary of the will.


At Baggage Hub, we supply a general list of Prohibited and Restricted items as standard, but there are specific rules and restrictions when sending items to South Africa which it’s important to be aware of.

When sending items to South Africa, you must not send animal products (i.e. skins, feathers, furs and tusks) from endangered species. These are strictly prohibited.

Walkie-talkie radios are also prohibited and must not be sent under any circumstances (even children’s toy walkie talkies are prohibited).

We also suggest you avoid sending alcohol. Wines, spirits and beer all require a liquor removal certificate and an import permit from the Director of Imports and Exports in Pretoria. This would need to be in place prior to shipping and full duties and tax will be payable based on the alcohol content.

Firearms should also not be packed. Many carriers simply will not accept them, while South African customs will require a South African Police Firearm Registrar Certificate and import permit (issued by the local police authority at destination).

Please make sure you review the prohibited items document here [ prohibited-items.pdf ]. You willbe required to digitally sign this list within the customer portal to confirm you understand what else not to pack.


Generally personal effects only, clothes, shoes, linen, books, documents, chinaware, toys, computers, monitors, and laptops. For further information on prohibited items please click here »

Not a problem, we supply our Move Packs throughout the UK and Europe and cardboard boxes plus tape to the majority of countries worldwide.

We don’t supply bubble wrap but this can easily be purchased online.

Our sea freight prices are based on volume and the number of items you are shipping. The transit time varies between 8 to 12 week will depend on your final destination. We only offer sea freight services from certain countries and to a limited number of countries.

Road freight would normally be used for transporting your possessions into Europe or throughout the USA. Our prices are based on the number of items being moved as well as the overall weight. The transit times varies between 7 - 14 days.

Our airfreight service is quick plus affordable and takes between 7 - 14 days depending where in the world you are going. All airfreight prices are based on actual or volume weight whichever is the greater.

Yes you can, hard cases are ideal, but not essential.

When booking with Baggage Hub, we will take a deposit to cover the costs of packing materials and delivery plus collection. Once your shipment has been collected and returned to our warehouse you will receive a final invoice which will be sent you in an email. Payments are made securely via Stripe using either your credit or debit card. If you would like to discuss alternative payment options please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Yes, once your shipment has been collected and it is received into our warehouse you will be able to log into the customer portal or download the mobile tracking app. It’s simple to use and will provide you with all your relevant shipping information.

We offer shipping protection, and is calculated based on the value of your goods. You have an option to purchase shipping protection on check out and will be added on to your final invoice. Please note if you decide not to take out shipping protection your goods will not be insured and in the unlikely event your goods are damaged or lost you will not be able to make a claim. Further information on our standard liability can be found by clicking our terms and conditions.

We offer a professional packing service that is carried out by our team of experts.This is ideal for those customers who are very busy and need assistance with packing fragile and high valued items.

Our standard service is based on Monday to Friday 0800 to 1800. We offer timed collections and deliveries, this option is available on check out.

We strive in providing our customers with the best possible service, however you need to be aware of the legal stuff and your responsibilities which is highlighted in our terms and condition. We must draw your attention to our what’s excluded from our quotations: Customs and quarantine inspection fees, and fumigation charges are normally charged at destination. These fees do differ from country to country and will need to be paid prior to delivery.

Custom duties and taxes are excluded from our prices, these such fees are only charged on items that are declared to be unused or owned for less than 12 months (Subject to local regulations). Duties and taxes can also apply if the owner of the goods fails to be in the country of destination when the goods arrive. If you have any questions please email our customer care team who will be delighted to help.

Should our driver fail to turn up, please contact our customer care team. We aim to response as quickly as possible and in most cases will respond within an hour during working hours. Please remember you must be in to take delivery or collection

If your order has already been processed and packing materials have been despatched, you may lose your deposit. We strongly recommend should you need to cancel, you send an email to customer care at least 48 hours prior to your booked delivery or collection.


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