The ongoing situation with Covid 19 may cause shipments to Japan to be delayed. This is due to flight disruptions and added customs / quarantine checks.


You will be required to fill out a baggage declaration (5360) form. This needs to be stamped at the airport upon arrival in order to clear your shipment through customs - www.customs.go.jp/kaisei/youshiki/form_C/C5360-B.pdf

To be eligible for duty free shipment, you must be in the country when your belongings arrive. You will need to provide us with a copy of your passport details before we ship your items, and must also supply a copy of the entry stamp you receive to prove you have entered the country. You will also need to complete additional customs paperwork on arrival (see below) and all of these items must be uploaded to your customer portal.

We therefore advise you coordinate your travel and shipping plans so that you arrive at around the same time as your shipment. Any missing documentation will cause delays and incur storage fees. Either way, your shipment must arrive to Japan within six months of your arrival.


On your way into the country, you will need to complete TWO additional baggagedeclaration forms (these should be available on your flight or at the airport). Upon arrival in Japan, you will present these documents to customs in person and one of them will be returned to you, stamped and sealed by customs.

For door-to-door shipments, our courier partners will require that form, plus your passport and entry stamp, to get your items cleared through customs. For door-to-airport shipments, you will need to present all of those documents yourself. If you fail to complete this arrival document, or if you misplace / forget it, your items will not be released by Japanese customs and your shipment will begin to incur storage fees while missing paperwork is obtained.

All shipments of personal effects (items you’ve owned for more than 6 months) must be accompanied by a detailed inventory list. This must be a detailed, itemised list. Japanese customs authorities will not accept general terms on inventory such as ‘household effects’ or ‘kitchen items’. All items need to be itemised in a comprehensive list so it is clear exactly what is being shipped.

Only shipments with a declared value of under 200,000JPY (£1200, 1500€, $1600USD) are eligible for duty relief. Shipments with a declared value higher than 200,000JPY are treated as standard imports, which require formal clearance arranged directly between the you and Japanese customs authorities.


At Baggage Hub, we supply a general list of Prohibited and Restricted items as standard, but there are specific rules and restrictions when sending items to Japan, which it’s important to be aware of.

Perishables are strictly prohibited but we advise against sending any food. Japanese customs are strict when it comes to food so this will cause your shipment to be inspected, for which there will be an additional fee to pay.

Furs, seeds, plants, untreated cotton, as well as soil and grain samples are all prohibited into Japan.

In addition, any military equipment is also prohibited as well as firearms, including toy guns or decommissioned weapons.

Please make sure you review the prohibited items document here [ Restricted Items ]. You willbe required to digitally sign this list within the customer portal to confirm you understand what not to pack.



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