Baggage Hub’s online platform uses innovative technology to provide an instant price estimate.

This pricing is based on real-time rates from our courier and freight partners. However, it’s important to understand that the initial figure we provide is NOT the final price of your shipment. It is an estimated quote based on the information you provide.

Baggage Hub has distribution hubs all over the world. Once your belongings have been collected, they will be brought back to the nearest hub where exact weights and measurements will be taken. A final invoice will then be generated based on the exact amount that is being shipped.

Shipping costs are calculated by comparing the actual weight with the volumetric weight of each item. Volumetric weight is calculated using the dimensions of an item as larger boxes often contain lighter goods, which means their actual weight may not be proportional to the volume of space they occupy.

Once the volumetric and actual weights have been calculated, your shipping cost will be finalised based on the higher of the two values and a final invoice will be generated.

Your goods will be dispatched to you as soon as the final invoice is settled, and you will be able to track the shipment online all the way until it arrives at its destination.



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