Published on: July 5th, 2019 | Category: Student News

Top Tips To Changing Your Uni Accommodation

The university year is coming to an end, and next year’s new enrollees are looking at moving into halls come September. If you haven’t already found somewhere to stay for your second year, now is the perfect time to start preparing for that upcoming move. Moving into accommodation off-campus gives you the independence that you need while allowing you to live with the friends you’ve made throughout the first year of your course, but where do you begin? That’s what we’re exploring, below.

Find A House Of Your Own

If you are fed up of living in university accommodation or your University doesn’t accommodate second or third-year students, it’s time to find a house of your own. When you start to look, it is important to consider not only who you will be living with, but a feasible budget when considering student loans, grants and any extra income you may have This is a vital first step – after all, you may find a house that you’ll be happy in, but it may be out of price range. To give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect new home, it’s important that you start as early as possible as this will give you more choice and a better chance at securing a good property for a reasonable price.

Find Off-Campus Student Housing

If you’d rather avoid looking for a house from an official landlord, it may be beneficial to look for off-campus student housing. This is often much cheaper than looking to rent a traditional home as the owners or proprietors are more respectful of lower budgets and the payment schedule over the year. However, even with student-designated accommodation, it’s important to ensure that you spend time looking into the fine print of a contract before you sign, checking for rules, regulations and ensuring that you can afford the rent and the payment schedule they’ve requested. You’ll also need to check move-in dates, as some accommodation may have a move-in date of September, leaving you with a few months’ storage needed, in between moving out and moving in.

Begin Moving As Early As Possible

When you are looking to change your uni accommodation it is important to begin the moving process as early as possible. Whether you’ve chosen to use a local moving company for a mini-move or you have opted for the help of your friends and family, it is important to be prepared. Moving lists, regular communication and packing early can help you reduce the stress of the moving process and ensures that you are prepared for when the big day rolls around.

Factor In Hidden Costs

It’s important to factor in hidden costs when looking to change your student accommodation. Not only is there the rent agreement to consider, but there are also other elements such as the water and electric bill that could be an additional charge. This is important to remember when discussing the rent agreement with your landlord as this could lead to financial issues in the future. You’ll also need to consider other hidden costs such as the cost of repairs and cleaning fees that you may need to pay, as these could be additional charges that affect affordability.

With this in mind, moving your university accommodation does not have to be stressful. With preparations and careful planning, you can move into the accommodation that has everything you need whether you are living alone or with a small group of friends.

For more information on how we can help you with a local mini-move, contact us today, we are more than happy to help you get the fresh start you want.