If you’re an international student in the UK and are looking for storage solutions, we’re here to take the strain.

Student Storage

Many of our customers require storage between May and October when they head home for the summer break. After moving out of their accommodation at the end of term, they need somewhere to keep their belongings safe until they resume their studies at the start of the next academic year. If that sounds like your situation, then we can help.

We will collect and store your possessions while you take care of enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation back in your home country. Rather than worrying about what to do with any items that you will not need such as excess clothes, books and electronics, trust us to keep them safe for the summer. Then, when you return to the UK and find a new place to stay, we will deliver your possessions back to you. At Baggage Hub, we have the answer to your student storage dilemma.

Student Storage Solutions

We understand that to be truly settled you need to feel at home in the country you are studying in. Rather than splashing the cash on new essentials each year after throwing them away to go abroad for the summer, simply take advantage of the student storage solutions offered by Baggage Hub. You can go online and choose the boxes you need and we will then send them to you to pack your belongings in, anywhere in the UK. Then, we will pick your boxes up and store them securely for you so that you can start enjoying your summer.

Why Baggage Hub Is The Right Choice For Student Storage

At Baggage Hub, we know that student life can be exciting but stressful. With our student storage solutions, you do not need to worry about finding suitable boxes, which can be a difficult task. We will also pick up your belongings and deliver them to you when you return from the summer so that you can focus on enjoying the break and preparing for the new academic year.

To obtain a quote for the cost of storing your belongings with us, access our online system today.

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