Your adventure studying in the UK might be coming to an end and you are now heading back to your home in Europe, or you may be looking to study on the continent.

Student European Road Freight

There’s one last hurdle that stands between you and your new destination – getting your belongings there safe and sound. Forget cramming everything into your car or being charged extra fees by the airlines. There is an easier way with Baggage Hub. With our student road freight services, you can transport your belongings anywhere in Europe.

The process is simple. Unlike other road freight companies, you can go online and choose the boxes you need. We will send them to you to pack your belongings in, anywhere in the UK. We will then arrange to pick them up at a convenient time – and that’s it. We will have your goods despatched in no time and you will normally receive your belongings at your destination 7-10 days later.

Road Freight Services For Your European Student Move

When you’re planning to move away, whether to a college or university, we understand that it can be a stressful time. Our aim at Baggage Hub is to provide a cost-effective European road freight service which takes the worry out of moving. We realise that settling in at a new place is that much easier when you have your home comforts with you. So instead of choosing between your favourite clothes, books (and dare we say even your childhood teddies), simply entrust them to us. Forget airline baggage restrictions and the tiny boot of your parents’ car – pack up your possessions and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Choose Our Student European Road Freight Company?

At Baggage Hub, we completely take care of the moving process. With other road freight services, you may be required to find your own boxes. This is a far trickier prospect than it may seem at first. Discarded boxes from supermarkets are hard to come by and may not be strong enough to keep your belongings intact from A to B. Buying your own boxes can also be more expensive than you may at first imagine.

We streamline the process by sending boxes to you and then collecting them when you’re ready and taking them to your destination. If transporting your belongings by air freight is a little too pricey for your budget, but you don’t want to wait several weeks for your possessions to arrive by sea freight, then road freight may be the ideal choice for you.

At Baggage Hub, we are here to help. To obtain a quote for the cost of your student move, access our online system today.

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