Published on: August 9th, 2019 | Category: Student News

Sea Freight Vs Road Freight: Which Is More Efficient For Shipping Your Excess Baggage?

Whether you are relocating for work or looking to move to a new house, you may find yourself needing a freight service at some point in your life but narrowing down which one is the right one for you is the challenge. In this post, we will be seeing which is better for your delivery service road or air freight.


One of the biggest differences between road and sea freight is the cost. When looking into the different types of packaging and transportation, it is important to note that sea carriers charge a rate per container that you are looking to fill. Though this can be a contributing factor, the cost of road shipping is commonly priced by the size of the shipment that you are looking to send.

Alternatively, road freight is the most common form of transportation if you are not looking to send a parcel internationally. With pricing based on the weight and size of your parcel, you have more limitations with this service such as the weather, road conditions and the current state of the traffic that can all affect the time frame of your delivery.

Time Frame

If you are looking to send a large number of products internationally, there is no denying that sending your items by ship is far more efficient. However, it is important to leave yourself a minimum of one month as shipping can be delayed due to the sheer number of deliveries or adverse weather conditions. By sending your items in plenty of time, you can ensure that your parcels arrive ahead of time, allowing you to have everything you need when you make the move.

While road freight can be beneficial for those that are looking to send a parcel locally, it does present some issues. With roads being closed and delays in the warehouse, it is important to ensure that you send your items ahead of time to get them to the final destination in time. This is particularly important if you are looking to send a parcel during the festive season, as there could be delays due to the increased number of parcels there are to deliver.


Different Coloured Shipping Containers

When comparing these two forms of shipment, there are limitations on both, however, there are more restrictions on road freight as there is a restricted amount of room per person due to the weight and size restrictions placed on certain shipments. If you are looking to send a large number of parcels, there are likely cheaper alternatives to help you cut costs and send items in mass. This is particularly important for those that are looking to relocate for work as sea freight is often much cheaper in the long term when sending more items that are rather heavy and allows you to send more of your belongings in one shipment with no hidden charges.


The final difference between Shipments and road freight is the convenience. Though road freight is convenient for those that are moving there belongings locally, it is not as convenient for those looking to send items internationally. Therefore, if you are looking to send items internationally, we recommend that you use a sea or air freight service as this is a more efficient way of sending your belongings from A to B.

Regardless of your reason for looking into freight services, you can be sure you will find one that works for your budget and the time frame that you have. For more information on how we can help you, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today!