Published on: May 22nd, 2019 | Category: Student News

How To Reduce The Stress Of Moving Home From University?

Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful events that you may ever experience. When you finish university, you have to move all your belongings from the accommodation, and this will take time and can be very stressful. However, we are giving you our guide to removing the stress of moving home from university, below.

Pack In Advance

One of the biggest ways for you to begin moving home from university is by packing in advance. Although it may seem tempting to leave this until your work has been handed in, it is beneficial to take breaks from time to time and pack up one room at a time. By doing this a month before you are due to finish you will reduce the stress over time and ensure that all your items are packed neatly without forgetting a single item. This is also useful for those travelling overseas as air freight can be organised to bring items home. By booking this service in advance you can be sure to save money in the long term and get the best possible deal for air freight or freight shipping when sending in bulk.

Organise Or Sell

Another way to reduce the stress of moving home is to organise or sell items that you either do not have room for or you no longer need. These items can either be donated, put into storage or thrown away to limit the amount that you are bringing back with you. This will relieve the stress of bringing items home as there is often not much room in the back of the car to pack everything. With the average student travelling 91 miles from home to pursue their studies, it is not practical to make more than one trip and so this may be the perfect option.

Enlist Help

With moving being the third most stressful event in life, it may be valuable to enlist some help. Whether this is your family members coming to help you move or even your friends coming to visit, they can all help you to move by taking a few boxes in separate cars. This is ideal for people moving long distances as having friends to help you pack can get the job done much faster whilst making it fun.

Label Everything

Another way to reduce the stress of packing and unpacking is to label everything. By labelling boxes and packing according to the room this will help you to locate and unpack everything much easier when you get home. This is also beneficial for if you are only moving back home on a temporary basis as you can then pack all the items back up in an organised manner. This could also be helpful for you and your housemates if you are in a home share as this is will help to differentiate each of your belongings.

Regardless of whether you are in the process of moving out or even preparing for your graduation next year, these top tips can help you to be more than prepared for the moving process that lies ahead. For more information on moving your belongings and the services that we provide, get in touch with us online, today.