Here at Baggage Hub we understand that relocating your entire life and moving to another country, especially as a student, can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming prospect.


With a million other things on your mind, you don’t want the added hassle of looking for overseas jobs on top of all the other tasks you’re facing before your big move. That’s why we’ve decided to handle the metaphorical (and literal) heavy lifting for you, with our brand new recruitment service that can help our customers find the overseas jobs they need!

We’ve Got It Covered! Jobs and Employers From All Over The World

Can’t (yet) speak the lingo? Don’t know the best local job sites? Worried about your specific employment needs? Well, we’ve got you covered; with an extensive database of jobs and employers from all over the world, just send us your details and your preferred type of work and we’ll do our very best to provide you with a suitable job in the locality of your choice.

Whether you’re looking for part time casual work to finance your studies, or you’re an experienced professional seeking to further your career or a high flying manager looking to start a dynamic and exciting new job overseas, you’re sure to find a wide choice of overseas jobs tailored to your needs through our stellar recruitment service.

Finding Work Overseas Is What We Do Best

Why give yourself the extra stress of doing the rigorous research needed to find work overseas? Understanding overseas employment laws, tax issues, local terminology and transport links are all difficult tasks and can add up to create a real headache for the even the most competent of individuals.

Instead, let us take the reins, so you can sit back, gather your thoughts, and plan the fine details of the rest of your move, secure in the knowledge that Baggage Hub will find you a range of appropriate and engaging employment opportunities from which you can take your pick upon arrival.

So what are you waiting for? Take a big chunk of the stress out of your overseas move and let Baggage Hub recruitment find you a new job for your new life, today!

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