If you want to send a parcel home, then you can rely on Baggage Hub to deliver it to the door.


Of course we can send parcels to the most inaccessible corners of the globe. It’s essential that you can send parcels back home; whether it’s a Christmas present package for the family or your whole life in a box, you need to know your package will get their safe.

Our International Parcel Shipping Service Takes Care Of The Details

International parcels can mean additional hassle, such as paperwork, customs clearance and more. For larger packages or containers the rules get even more complex and you might not even be sure about what you can send in the first place. Baggage Hub can take the pain off your hands and make sure that all the administration is taken care of, so when you leave your package with us then it’s as safe a bet as taking it home in your own hands.

Baggage Hub partners with some of the world’s biggest carriers to ensure we offer you the most competitive rates. So when it comes to international parcel delivery, you can trust Baggage Hub to take care of you.

A Fast Worldwide Parcel Delivery Service You Can Trust

You can deliver the parcel to us or we can arrange collection from your door and from there, thanks to a simple online booking system, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that the parcel is on its way. We deliver to more than 200 countries worldwide and can offer an express service if your parcel really needs to get there in a hurry. Alternatively you can save money and take advantage of our cheaper road and sea freight services that offer a far more cost-effective approach than the airmail service that ensures your package gets to its destination as fast as possible.

So if you need to send a parcel to any corner of the world, then get in touch with Baggage Hub’s parcel service today and let us take your belongings home. If you want, we’ll get them there before you do.

Sending your parcels with us couldn’t be easier or quicker, we’ll have your delivery complete in 5 simple steps...

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