Published on: August 13th, 2019 | Category: Student News

How To Pack The Perfect Suitcase For Your Summer Holiday?

Packing for your holiday is a process that should not be rushed. Whether you are travelling locally or taking a long-haul flight, you should have space-saving in mind to help you reduce the weight and keep space for everything you need. Here, we will be looking into some of the ways that you can pack your suitcase perfectly for your next holiday!

Vacuum Pack Your Clothes

If you are travelling for a long amount of time and need to pack plenty of clothes, the perfect space-saving method is to vacuum pack your clothes. Regardless of the size of your suitcase, vacuum packing can help to save space and allow you to pack much more than other methods of packing such as rolling the clothes. This is also great if you are looking to pack specific outfits as you can pack them all in one single bag!

Bring An E-Reader To Replace Your Book

E-reader On table

One of your holiday essentials that can take up a large amount of space is a book. However, space can be saved by trading in the book for an e-reader or an iPad. This can be stored in a zip lock bag or hardback case and can be placed in a carry on or the side pouch of your suitcase. This will not only help to save space, but an iPad can be used to replace a computer allowing you to video call, write emails and continue your daily routine.

Use Cotton Wool To Prevent Eyeshadows Breaking

If you are someone who loves to travel with makeup, packing your eyeshadow so that it does not break is a constant battle. However, adding cotton wall balls to the eye shadow can help to prevent any damage from taking place during the journey. This is particularly crucial if you are on a long-haul flight as suitcases can bounce around when in the cargo hold of the plane. This is also a beneficial packing technique if you are looking to send items by Air Freight as this will help to keep the items from breaking.

Use Luggage Scales

If you are looking to make sure you are not going to be charged extra for your baggage when you reach the airport, investing in some luggage scales can help to make sure that your bag is not too heavy. This is particularly useful if you are travelling with a family as this can ensure every suitcase that you are bringing is below the allowance.

Use Ziplock Bags

If you are someone who travels with a large amount of technology and loose wires, then a Ziplock bag is the perfect way to save space and ensure none of your cables gets lost. These can be lied down or stood on their side to make room for other products, allowing you to save space for other essential items such as chargers and hair care products.

For more information on how you can pack your suitcase perfectly as well as other options for any excess baggage that you may have, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.