We’re very jealous. We’ve heard you’re starting a new life abroad, possibly on the white sandy beaches of the Maldives, maybe in the mountains of Canada?

Money Transfer

Perhaps you’re moving right the way across the globe? From France to Australia, wherever you’re off to, we can help – with Baggage Hub, you can send any excess baggage by air, sea or road.

But we don’t stop there, Of course not. We don’t do things by halves. Baggage Hub also offers a foreign money transfer service, to make settling down in a new country hassle-free and happy.

International Money Transfer Services

Have you ever had a nightmare transferring money while abroad? We have. Pre-loaded cash cards designed for specific use overseas can often be problematic when the user wants to re-load them with cash. They also charge you per transaction you make, so everything will cost you more than you think!

As well as being more cost-effective, our international money transfer services are faster and more reliable, leaving you time to concentrate on the more enjoyable parts of moving overseas.

Our money transfer services are equally ideal for making one-off payments overseas, as they are for larger purchases such as buying a new home. They are also completely secure giving you added peace of mind at what can be a pretty stressful time!

Why Choose Baggage Hub?

Baggage Hub is designed to provide you with fast, helpful, friendly and affordable service that can aid with the process of moving to a new place. So, if you’re due to study abroad in the Czech Republic next semester, and haven’t figured out how you’re going to transfer money overseas, we can help. Contact Baggage Hub today for more information!

Uprooting your entire life and shooting halfway around the world isn’t going to come all in a day’s work. But with Baggage Hub we can be sure to help.

Our services are provided by professional, friendly staff who understand your wishes and desires and provide you with exactly the service you need in order to get you where you want to go.

Sending your baggage with us couldn’t be easier or quicker, we’ll have your delivery complete in 5 simple steps...

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