Published on: May 7th, 2019 | Category: Student News

Our Guide To Moving Home After Graduation

Moving home from university can be a challenge. It can take a lot of time to pack, and even more manpower to move all the items that you’ve collected throughout the years. Whether it’s just a local move from your university to your nearby hometown, or you’re looking for an air freight service to bring your belongings back from overseas, there’s plenty of help available. Once your home, however, it’s not quite as simple. For that reason, we’re looking at how you can make being back at home after graduation a seamless process for you and your family.

Start Saving Up

Once you’ve had your taste of freedom at University, you’ll probably miss it the moment you’re back home. While not every graduate will be in a rush to move out once they’re home, starting to save up straight away will help you build up savings for the future. You can either save up to move out, or build up the funds to make sure you don’t have to depend on your parents again after a taste of financial independence.

Job Hunting

The sooner you can safely start a job hunt, the better. While some companies may be willing to transfer you to a branch back in your hometown, this isn’t common and so even if you have a job at university, it may be time to start hunting for opportunities. If you can secure a job ready for you to start when you return home, you can start earning straight away, giving you that aforementioned financial independence while showing your family that you are actively looking to pay rent and contribute. By showing the willingness to find a job, you are not only showcasing to your family that you are ready for the responsibility, but that you have learned the value of money during your time away. Outside of your family, this kind of attitude can impress future employers, particularly when you embark on your dream career.

Maintain Friendships With Those At Uni

One of the most important things that you can do when moving home is to keep in contact with your friends that you made whilst away. The average student travels around 91 miles away from home to their university, and so staying in touch is vital to maintaining these friendships. These are people that you have spent a huge part of your life with, learning how to live independently away from home. It’s an experience to cherish, so meet up when you can and stay in touch to keep these friendships going.

Meet Up With Old Friends

Another way to beat the post-graduation blues is to get back in touch with old friends. Although you may have had contact with them throughout your time away, planning days out with your friends and family can help you to feel better about moving home and break you out of a potentially negative mind frame, leaving you feeling more positive. These friends can also help to make the unpacking process much easier as they can help you to organise what will be kept in storage and what will be kept in the house.  This way, you can start to settle in at home much faster and everything will begin to feel natural once again.

So, whether you are moving back for the foreseeable future, or you are just moving back temporarily until you can finance your own place, there are several ways that you can make moving home after graduating much easier for yourself and those around you.

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