Published on: June 11th, 2019 | Category: Student News

Our Guide To Moving Abroad: Our Choice Of The Best Locations To Move To

Moving abroad is challenging, particularly with a number of economic factors to consider as well as schooling for your children. However, there are several highly popular locations out there that can offer everything you need and more. So, before booking your sea or air freight services ahead of the big move, read on to find out about some of the most popular locations.


In addition to being full of amazing views and some of the worlds most famous landmarks, Canada is highly sought after location for those looking to move abroad. One of the main reasons for this is that the immigration rules are far less rigorous when compared to other parts of the world such as the USA and the UK. There are also several social security benefits for those immigrating to Canada, including educational and health benefits such as a healthcare card that gives you access to free specialist health care. In addition to this, the minimum wage in Canada continues to rise with a further increase taking place on June 1st, making the minimum wage an average of $13.85.

The Netherlands

As well as the to the infrastructure and organisation that is expected when visiting the Netherlands, this country is ideal for those looking to live here as English is spoken almost everywhere. This is great for those who are travelling with a family as schools teach in English as well as Dutch and other native languages. In addition to the traditional health care benefits, there is also a rent benefit of around €417.34 for those between the age of 18-22. As well as this, there are also both general and labour tax credit – all of which are put in place to help you find your feet!


Australia is not only an amazing holiday destination, but it is also perfect for those who are looking to live internationally. With numerous opportunities in several careers such as doctoring and teaching as well as a free organised health care system and one of the highest ranked education systems in the world., this is the perfect place to move to for you and your family. The medical care in Australia is what makes it so appealing to so many, as all health care payments and hospitalisation are covered by the public hospital which is funded through the monthly taxes that are paid.


Finland is known throughout the world for its amazing views and bustling capital, but did you know that it is highly popular with people looking to live abroad? Not only is this English-speaking country one of the best in terms of safety, but there is high-quality, free education available for your children when you live here. In addition to this, the city of Helsinki is growing rapidly, meaning that there are more and more business opportunities available. This is key to those looking to live abroad as this means that there are more job opportunities in fields such as teaching available to those that want them. This is one of the contributing factors to the unemployment rate in the county being just 6.7% as of February 2019. This is beneficial for those looking to work here in a particular career as there are a wide range of positions available

With this in mind, there are a large range of amazing locations for you to choose from when looking to live abroad, whether this is moving due to the state of the economy or even a new job opportunity.

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