Published on: April 10th, 2019 | Category: Student News

Our Guide To International Parcel Shipping

International shipping for an individual or a business can be challenging, especially when delivering fragile goods such as machinery. This is not only down to the size of the item, but the weight of the goods being sent from A to B.

Our guide to international parcel shipping can help ensure that your parcel arrives at its final destination with no complications.

Plan In Advance

When looking to send a parcel internationally, it’s vital that you map out its delivery in advance. By doing so, you can book a delivery slot that is suitable for you and be confident that there is enough time for your parcel to arrive at the desired destination. This is particularly important when sending a parcel over the Christmas period as there are a number of people all looking to send parcels at the same time.

Write Address Clearly

In order to ensure that your parcel arrives without any problem, make sure that the address is clearly written on the top of the box. Writing in capital letters using a marker pen can help ensure that your address is read correctly, ensuring that it isn’t sent to the wrong location. To make sure that this is not affected by the weather, place clear tape or plastic over top. This will ensure that it is watertight.


Another important element to consider when sending a parcel internationally is the packaging that you use. The box that you placing your item it must be unused as this will prevent it from breaking during transit. It is also crucial that the box you are using has a minimum of 1cm-2cm around the item(s) that you are shipping so that you can Insert bubble wrap and air pockets for additional protection. If the item you are sending is particularly fragile it may be beneficial to wrap the item individually as well as putting bubble wrap inside of the box, helping to restrict movement during transit.


The price of your shipment can vary depending on the weight, height and width of your parcel, therefore, the larger the parcel is, the more it will cost you to ship. If you are sending items on a budget, then it is beneficial to use a box that is the correct size to ensure that you’re not overcharged.

Whether you are looking to send a Christmas gift to a friend on the other side of the world or you are a new business looking to send an international shipment, each of the above tips will be crucial to you saving money are key to ensuring that your delivery is a success as a result.

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