Published on: April 17th, 2019 | Category: Student News

Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Office

An office is a central hub for everything that happens in your business. With a number of employees all working in close proximity to one another, it is important that the environment that they are working in is the best it can be. It not only needs to be spacious, but it must have enough light and amenities to help your employees feel safe and comfortable as they work. Here, we are going to give you our tips to find the perfect office for your business.

Think About Space

When finding the perfect office, it is important to think about the amount of space that you need. Remember; it is not only space needed to accommodate all of your employees, but also storage for computers and other office essentials such as pens, notebooks and files. It is also important to consider the future of your business when moving office, as this will help to ensure that you will not outgrow the space. By buying an office that is slightly large at the time, you are then allowing yourself room to expand as the business continues to grow.

Location, Location, Location

One of the most important aspects when looking at an office is the location. Not only can this have an effect on aspects such as rent and the size of the office space, but it can also impact your employees commute. By keeping the location of your office as central as possible, you can cover all aspects. This will also allow for employees to spend time out of the office at lunchtime with only a short walk helping your employees to find multiple places to eat with ease.

Surrounding Infrastructure

When choosing an office, it is also important to look at the infrastructure that is surrounding it. Not only will you need parking for your employees, but you will also need public transport for those that do not drive. These are all elements to consider when looking at the overall location as this can affect the ability for your staff to make it into work on time. If you are an ecommerce business looking to move office, it is important to also consider elements such as loading bays and space for lorries to park as this is all required to complete the job at hand.

Added Extras

When looking at the office space it is important to have an open mind. The space is not going to look perfect straight away and may require some building work to suit your vision. By looking at the space and seeing how you can make it perfect for your business through the use of a contractor, this can help you to find the perfect office for you. It is important to see the office space as a long-term investment and something that your company can grow into, otherwise you may find yourself repeating the process in several years’ time thus costing you more money.

Added extras such as a break room and specially designed desks can all be added afterwards to make the office space specially tailored to your business. You can also add elements such as artwork or photos of the team helping to boost morale and team productivity. This is also beneficial for overall team moral as the artwork will help to brighten moods much more than a blank wall. This can also be improved by placing TV’s in a break area, allowing workers to relax if they are not able to make it out of the office for lunch. Although these are all additional costs that will have to be worked into the budget, this is well worth the money that is being spent as it will help to keep the staff happy during their time in the office.

Whether you are looking to move offices in the near future, or you are a new business looking to move into your very first office, there is plenty to consider to help you get it right.

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