Published on: April 6th, 2018 | Category: Student News

Genius Storage Hacks For Your Student House

Student housing is notorious for its lack of storage, especially when it comes to sharing your space with other people. When you’re limited to the miniscule amount of storage in your room and a cupboard or two in the kitchen, finding somewhere to keep all of your essentials can be a battle. Here at Baggage Hub, we offer storage services for anything you really can’t find space for, but for those necessary items, here are our hacks for making the most of your storage at Uni.

Get Smart With Folding

No matter how hard we try to cut down out wardrobes, we always seem to still have too much stuff. From those t-shirts that you ‘might need one day!’ to the jeans you swear will fit again in the future, clinging to clothes is just a part of life. Messy storage, however, is not. Neatly fold your clothing into rectangles (you can find folding tips online!) and then store them horizontally. Yes, really. By storing clothes this way, not only will you be saving space, you’ll also make it easier on yourself when you come to search for that specific piece!

Vacuum-Pack Seasonal Clothing

While the weather can be unpredictable, storing away your winter clothes in summer and your summer clothes in winter will save you an incredible amount of space in your wardrobes and drawers. Vacuum packing them will save you even more. Vacuum bags are relatively inexpensive, and all you need after that is a hoover, and stuff to put in them! By vacuum packing, you’ll be flattening and reducing your pile by a surprising amount and keeping it protected from damp and dust until you’re ready to break them out for the next season.

Use Plastic Drawer Sets In The Bottom Of Your Wardrobe

You might already have the floor space in your wardrobe set aside for something else, but if it’s going unused, why not invest in some cheap plastic drawers? You can make better use of the space, and give yourself more room to store away accessories, stationary or anything that needs a space! You can pick up sets fairly cheaply from Amazon, or if you time your purchase right, supermarkets also tend to stock these essentials during the start of the school season!

Use Hanger Connectors

There’s nothing worse than filling your wardrobe to bursting point but still having a) hangers left, and b) nowhere to hang them. Rather than squeezing every hanger in until the sides of your wardrobe are at risk of cracking, why not consider hanger connectors? Another cheap storage solution, you can hang one hanger from another. The result? You’re essentially doubling your wardrobe!

Use Your Suitcases As Storage

Your empty suitcases are going to take up room. Whether they’re pushed under your bed, tucked into the bottom or your wardrobe, or conveniently hidden behind a desk, they’re still taking up space! Using them as storage, however, is a great way to make use of that space. Whether you opt to put textbooks or notepads in there while they’re not in use, or utilise it as a storage spot for those vacuum packed clothes we mentioned earlier, a full suitcase is going to take up just as much space as an empty one would – so use it!

Storage at university is as much of a battle as packing up your belongings in the first place, but hopefully our hacks have given you a good starting point to make the most of the space you do have. If you’re looking for storage, or need excess baggage services, get in touch with us here at Baggage Hub.