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Sending your goods via sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is the most cost-effective way of shipping any excess baggage across large distances.

Sea Freight

It is not only the most economical way of sending goods, but also the longest established method of transporting goods over long distances. Services vary from port-to-port or door-to-door with both being cheaper in comparison to other forms of transport for large goods. You don’t have to have enough items to fill a whole shipping container; you’ll only have to pay for the space you use within a secure, locked and fully sealed shipping container.

Cheapest Sea Freight Shipping Services

Our services are the preferred options for students or backpackers looking for the cheapest and most secure way of shipping their valuable items across countries, or even continents. You’ll know that your excess baggage will arrive safely by sea, either at your door, or your nearby port for collection. In addition, if you’re moving home or relocating to another country, shipping goods via sea freight is still one of the most secure ways of transporting goods.

It is worth noting some main points regarding sea freight shipping. While more economical, it does take longer than air freight. Greater volumes will also reduce your costs overall; the larger your bulk goods are, the more economical it will be. Finally, while goods are well-secured in containers, it is essential to properly package everything to avoid any damage in transit.

A Door-to-Door Shipping Service You Can Rely On

In our door-to-door service, we will take care of everything involved in the shipping freight service, right from your home directly to the final delivery location. This includes us taking care of the package through customs, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Our port-to-port service is even more economical, while the shipping is still extremely reliable and efficient in getting to the destination required. You will be able to pick up the goods at the local port of the delivery address. Of course, there may be additional charges such as local tax, quarantine or customs duty, however you will be notified if and when these occur.

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