Published on: March 31st, 2017 | Category: Student News

How To Deal With Reverse Culture Shock When Returning Home After Studying Abroad

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays, or your time of studying abroad has come to an end, returning home can be an exciting experience. Even if you have never struggled with feeling homesick, seeing all of the family and friends that you left behind in your home country can be somewhat relieving and in many cases, it can be a little overwhelming. However, one of the main things that many international students do not realise is the increased chances of a reverse culture shock – particularly if you are returning home for longer than the holidays.


When relocating to study abroad, even if just for a year, you will find that as a person you will have changed. Relocation can be a difficult time, and you will have overcome a number of challenges including having to meet new people as you did not know anyone, and having to deal with a whole new culture – and maybe even a whole new language. Because of this, when you return home, you may need to be prepared to question your home country’s culture. Your family and friends are likely to think that you will still be the same person when you return home, but due to the number of changes you will have had to adapt to during your time as an international student, this is not necessarily going to be the case. You may have to readapt to certain lifestyle changes that you may have forgotten about at home – your new values, ideas and habits may need to adapt once again.

The Morning After

One of the lowest points an international student may feel when returning home, particularly if you have come to the end of your studies, is the stage known as the ‘morning after’. During this low point, some students may even question their decision of returning home, as they may feel like an outsider within the culture that they used to know so well. However, this is only a brief feeling, and it is important that international students returning home this summer know that this is something that is completely normal. Over a few days and weeks you will begin to adjust back into normal life, and while your student habits may need to adjust back to family life when you return home, you will find that your acceptance and engagement will return.

Growing Experience

Many international students, once having studied abroad and then re-adjusting to life back home again, find themselves wanting to throw themselves into new challenges. One of these, is a second relocation to a new country – whether that is for further international studies or even for work assignments. Relocation can be an extremely fulfilling experience, full of challenges and exciting opportunities, making it one to grasp tightly with both hands. The process of relocation doesn’t have to be difficult either. Whether you’re an international student, or you’re looking to move abroad for another reason, Baggage Hub are there to provide you with a range of storage, excess baggage and student freight services to make your next relocation even simpler. If you’re a student who needs help returning home with all of their belongings, or you’re looking to start your next adventure in a brand new country, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our expert team today on 01753 378 424, to find out how we can help.