Published on: August 18th, 2017 | Category: Student News

Which Countries Are Most Popular For Relocation?

Relocating for work is an exciting time. It’s the chance to step outside of your comfort zone, improve your career and immerse yourself in a different lifestyle. Despite this, making the decision to relocate can be difficult. There are lots of factors to consider- from whether you’ll adapt to the culture, to whether the lifestyle will suit your own- and this makes some destinations more popular than others.


Canada is one of the most popular expat destinations in the world. There are currently 650,000 British people residing in Canada. Its popularity is owed to the secure, modern cities and the additional benefit of residents never being too far from stunning scenery. The lifestyle is very similar to the UK and US, which means adapting to life in Canada is not usually a problem for expats. As one of the largest economies in the world, people feel secure in their job and as a result can enjoy a good quality of life.


Switzerland is a highly popular destination to relocate to. Opportunities are abundant and salaries can be considerably higher than in the rest of Europe. For families, there is the added bonus of an excellent education system and high healthcare standards. Swiss culture is relaxed and does not differ too vastly from the rest of Europe. However, the language may pose a challenge but most people are bi-lingual. Being located in central Europe also opens up a host of opportunities for travel. There is something to do all year round, with skiing and snowboarding being popular in the winter, while hiking through the forests and mountains is the perfect way to spend summer.


Moving to China can seem a daunting prospect as the culture is so different to that found in Western countries. However, the benefits of relocating make it one of the most popular destinations to move to. China’s economy is growing rapidly and there is an increasing demand for skilled workers in all industries. These roles typically come with generous salaries and tax is generally lower, which means expats can experience a high standard of living. In addition to the rich culture and history, the scenery varies from dramatic mountains and forests to modern cities.


UAE cities like Dubai have become increasingly popular destinations for expats in the last few years. Most cities have vast complexes which house communities of expats, meaning it is easy to integrate into the country. The cost of living is low, which is helped by low tax rates for expats, but the standard of living is much higher. A luxury lifestyle is far more affordable in UAE compared to elsewhere in the world, which is part of the reason it is such a popular destination to relocate to.

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