Published on: March 24th, 2017 | Category: News

The Change In Global Mobility

Since the economic crisis began to take hold around the world, global mobility has been one of the hardest hit. Many businesses and industries have had to rework their budgets in order to meet the needs of ever-changing business demands with an overstretched budget. Global mobility however, is more in demand than ever, as organisations see deploying existing employees as far more cost and time-efficient than hiring new employees – despite expatriates being more than twice as expensive as local employees.

International Worker Profiles

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a huge change in the profile of the international worker. Traditionally male, and accompanied by his wife and children, a traditional expat worker would be placed on a long term assignment between one and four years. More recent stats however, show that trends are beginning to change, and there are now many more female expats that are working without a partner in tow. In addition, there is an increase in young professionals being identified as a high potential due to a lack of commitments. This is helping global mobility professionals keep within their budgets, by sending over just one individual rather than an entire family. This means however, that the international workforce is beginning to become more complex than ever.

Change In Assignment Durations

Along with the change in international worker profiles, research also suggests that assignments are beginning to move away from the traditional long-term assignments of more than a year. According to a report by PwC, the average length of an assignment is around 18 months, and those that are less than a year are more common, leading to a rise in gig culture. This is a trend that is beginning to become of the most important for global mobility, and it is no surprise to see workers beginning to be more localised with new terms and conditions that were not previously implemented. This is likely to be due to the change in profiles, but also the slashed budgets that HR is having to deal with.

How Baggage Hub Can Help

Here at Baggage Hub, we specialise in packing and moving small shipments, making our niche perfect for the new style of global mobility. With more and more companies providing lump sum budgets to their assignees, rather than electing to manage staff relocations in house through HR or global mobility programs, our services provide the perfect opportunity for help with providing shipping solutions. Over the last ten years, shipment sizes have reduced due to the change in international worker profiles, and this is where Baggage Hub’s niche lies. With the new generation of millennials being moved abroad early on in their careers in order to gain international experience, global mobility is set to change even more over the coming years.

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