Published on: May 29th, 2019 | Category: Student News

5 Popular Locations For Business Relocation

Relocating is never easy, but finding the right location for your business can make it much more straight forward. Regardless of whether you are planning to move to a major city or you decide to relocate to a major city, the choice of your new business location should be carefully considered.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at the 5 most popular locations for those looking to relocate their entire brand.

New Zealand

Not only is New Zealand one of the best place for a holiday, but there are a number of benefits that come with relocating your business here. When moving here you will be met with a bustling economy and extensive market for new products making this ideal for business start-ups. However, due to the population of 4.6 million people, it is important to know your target audience as this could make or break your business.  If the wrong target audience is targeted then the money that you have invested will be put to waste as the products will not achieve the number of sales that you were expecting. This is particularly important as you need to boost your brand and number of sales at home before shipping internationally.


Not only is the economy in Norway much better than elsewhere in the world, but it is also extremely welcoming. With a much higher success rate for new companies than the likes of the UK and the United States, this is the ideal country for your new business venture. Despite the country being a predominately Norwegian speaking country, English is also spoken in most business sectors within the country. Another benefit of Norway for your business is the economy. The economy in Norway is currently at a growth rate of 1.9% with an unemployment rate if 3.9% as of January of 2019. Although this country is predominately Norwegian speaking, a number of business sectors are also fluent in English. This is helpful for international business as you can network and gain connections as a result. also makes for the perfect setting for product distribution as there is less of a need for translation of products.

In addition to all of this, Norway also offers businesses the opportunity for growth as well as an easy online business register. This allows you to submit all the documents in one simple step without filling out large amounts of paperwork. There are also other organisations in Norway such as the startup lab that are put in place to help support the start-up ecosystem and get them the funding that they need in order to succeed.

United States

One of the best places for a business to relocate is the United States. Not only is there a whole world of opportunity for your business with an increased target audience, but there is more space for your business to grow. You can rent an office with ease as well as begin mass distribution of products. If you are an established company with a large level of success already, relocating your headquarters to the United States may also be a beneficial move for you as it opens up more opportunity for international trading due to the trade links that they have with a number of the worlds leading countries. If you can begin to conquer this market then you are likely to gain popularity far more quickly due to the market being much more selective in the US. This is in part down to the sheer number of products that are o the market as those who shop regularly tend to become loyal to a brand, therefore your product needs to stand out from the rest to get people to buy.


Another place that is highly popular for relocations is Germany. Not only is this the central hub of Europe but it is also the perfect spot to travel to places such as the UK the US and of course other European countries. This is great for not only for trade but also for business travel for your employees for potential business meetings. Due to the central location in Europe, a flight to other large European countries such as France and Spain are significantly shorter than they would be elsewhere. This is ideal for the movement of products throughout Europe as well as shipping internationally as the centralised location will help to get products sent quickly.


The final country that is great for those looking to travel in Sweden which has previously been named in the top ten countries for relocation. One of the reasons why this country is highly sought after for relocations is because of the innovation that the country is known for. Their innovative ideas on business as well as the invention of revolutionary products are what put them above the rest in terms of technology such as the propeller that was created by Swedish inventor John Ericsson. It is this forward-thinking mindset is what makes the country so appealing.

Another benefit of this particular location is because of permits being so widely available. Not only can you apply for this within the first few months, but you can also have all the permits you need within a year. If completed in advance, this is the ideal option to get your business off the ground as quickly as possible.

Regardless of whether you are looking to move to one of these locations in the near future or maybe even looking to relocate somewhere even further afield, there are a number of places all over the world that are ready and waiting for a brand new business to open its doors.

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